Local Blogs Discuss The Orioles

There are numerous quality local blogs. Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL) has reached out to some of them for their thoughts on the Baltimore Orioles forthcoming season.BSL suggests you check out each of their sites, and thanks them for taking the time to respond.Those who participated in this Q&A were: Derek Arnold, Eutaw Street Report… Read More


Who Does the Recruiting, and Where?

This article is the first in what will become a multi-part series called "Where Maryland Recruits Come From". The series will attempt to lay out how the University of Maryland football program does its recruiting. Each article will break down a different aspect of football recruiting. By the end of this series, my goal is… Read More articlefeature--baltimore-orioles

The Orioles’ Four Lineups

With the MLB season just a few days away, talk among the fanbase is heating up about real actual baseball topics. Instead of things like service time people are discussing lineups and rotations and the like. My goal is to go through and identify the most optimized an Orioles' lineup could be based on the… Read More

Written by Jeff Long
2 days ago
Baltimore Orioles,

Heavy Seas

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