American League East Musings

Some brief American League East musings.

1) The Baltimore Orioles should get it over with already and make a trade for Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer.

Sure, it would cost us an arm and a leg but we get the best defensive left fielder in all of baseball and he is also someone who could hit .300, swat 20 or more homeruns and steal a dozen or so bases. Oh, and he’s also just 28 years old and is under contract through 2015 with a team option for 2016. He’ll make an affordable $9 million in 2013 and a reasonable $12.5 million through 2016 (if the option is picked up).

Eric Hosmer would provide us with adequate defense at first base while he continues to come into his own offensively. He’ll hit for a high enough average, hit 20 or so homeruns a year and can even swipe a few bags – much in the mold of Alex Gordon. The biggest downside is that he is a Boras client, which means it’s going to cost us financially a few years down the road. But hey, he’s a guy with a top shelf ceiling and you’re going to have to pay someone at some point anyway so it might as well be this guy.

2) The Boston Red Sox should get it over with already and offer Josh Hamilton that mega-contract he’s looking for.

This organization, what can I say, they are one big hot mess. They just went through the process of shedding all of those ungodly contracts and are reportedly saying they could decide to spend big again this off-season. Because, you know, they did that so well the first time around.

Not only did sign some high priced free agents that just didn’t work out so well for you over the past few seasons, or acquire ones that you then gave large contracts too, but you also decided to hire a manager – in Bobby Valentine – that had far more character and uniqueness about him than your organization and a wee bit sensitive players could handle. Perhaps you guys are a little too straight laced for your own good these days?

I mean, you’re not the New York Yankees after all…but that certainly doesn’t stop you from trying.

3) The New York Yankees five highest paid players under contract for next season are a combined 166 years old. Only one of those five players is (currently) under 30 years old, Robinson Cano, and he’s about to break the bank when the team signs him to a long-term contract worth between $20 and $23 million dollars per year over the next six or seven years.

At what point do we begin to confuse the Yankees dugout with an old folk’s home where everyone sits around complaining about everyone else, all the while waiting for their turn to pee (sometimes all over each other)?

Now don’t get me wrong – I admire the Yankees organization for what they do when it comes to providing our seniors with plenty of funds to retire on, but how much longer can they really expect to win with a roster full of guys who are one bad hop away from breaking a hip?

4) The Tampa Bay Rays may continue to prove to the rest of baseball why they can continue to win under a ridiculous set of circumstances related to their finances and an on-again off-again fan base, but how certain can we be that they’ll secure a deal for a new stadium anywhere in the state of Florida after what Jeffrey Loria, owner of the Miami Marlins, just pulled over on everyone there?

What is probably in the best interest of the Rays at this point is to begin looking at ways to relocate the franchise to a more habitable environment. Several places appear to be potential fits to become the new home of a major league baseball team:

Portland, OR has been a long-rumored destination for a team.

Brooklyn, NY would be a fantastic city to bring baseball back to – although it would likely never happen. With the concessions that MLB had to provide to move the Montreal Expos to Washington, D.C. to appease Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos, can you imagine what they’d have to give to Hank Steinbrenner? Exactly, pretty sure there’s not enough money in print to make that happen.

Nashville, TN is another place that was recently brought to my attention where the people there would come out in droves to support a winning team. This actually wouldn’t surprise me given the fact they manage to fill a hockey arena night in and night out (when Hockey was actually being played). I wouldn’t mind seeing this happen either, the mid-west through the southern parts of the country have historically made great baseball communities and cities.

Although, probably the most amusing suggestion (from me no less) is Sin City itself, Las Vegas. How great would it be to move a major league baseball team to Las Vegas, NV given the history of baseball when it comes to gambling and certain individuals who have been banned for life essentially for committing that cardinal sin against the sport?

5) Finally, we have the Toronto Blue Jays who have made all of these dazzling Red Sox-esque moves to acquire a bunch of shoddy contracts and players who may or may not stay healthy for a full season but still don’t have a manager. We saw how well that worked out for the Red Sox and so I’m thinking that since the Blue Jays want to hire a manager with experience and a real edge to them – why not sign none other than Bobby Valentine?

He just left a really bad situation in Boston and he has the necessary experience and edge to his personality that would make him a perfect fit in Toronto. Not only that, but he’s a smart guy so you’d expect him to learn from his time in Boston. That would mean that he would know how to handle that type of situation if he had it to do all over again. And since baseball is our national past-time and since our country is all about giving second chances – let’s make the 2013 Boston Red Sox Toronto Blue Jays Bobby V’s second chance.

What could go wrong?

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Lance Rinker    

Lance is the Managing Editor for Konsume, a crowd-sourced news platform driving passionate journalism. In addition to his work on BSL, you can find Lance’s extended portfolio at his profile on Konsume and you can follow him on Twitter.

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2 Responses to American League East Musings

  1. ecpglp says:

    Just exactly how to you propose to trade for Gordon and Hosmer, and why would the Royals do that? They need major league ready pitching, and the Orioles really don’t have any to spare – at least, none that would tempt the Royals. And since they don’t have ready replacements for them, trading Gordon and Hosmer would simply be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    • Lance Rinker says:

      I have no specific plan or idea in which to trade for both of them. It was just a thought while I was writing up my passing thoughts on each team in the AL East.

      But since you ask, as unlikely as that scenario would be, it would likely have to be a package that included Chris Tillman, Brian Matusz and a bat such as Chris Davis. Probably wouldn’t get it done, nor do I expect the Royals to trade both of them – only one is more likely to get what they need.

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