Arrivals and Departures on Orioles 40 Man – 4/28/2013

Well, the Orioles juggled some players and seem to have changed option dates on Alex Burnett, so we are in for another posting of Arrivals and Departures.  If you want a quick primer, you will find it here.  If you have any further questions, feel free to email me at

Transactions since 4/7/2013:

4/22/13 – Orioles option RHP Jake Arrieta to Norfolk and recall RHP Alex Burnett from Norfolk.

4/24/13 – Orioles option RHP Alex Burnett to Norfolk and recall RHP Josh Stinson from Frederick.

4/25/13 – Orioles option RHP Josh Stinson to Norfolk and recall LHP Zach Britton from Norfolk.

4/28/13 – Orioles place C Taylor Teagarden on the 15 day DL after his thumb was dislocated by a foul tip.  C Luis Exposito was recalled from Norfolk.

The only interesting aspect to all of this pitcher shuffling is that Alex Burnett’s promotion resets his option date to 4/24/13.  If my math and understanding of the CBA is correct, he needs to stay down there until May 13th for it to count for the year.

Orioles 40 man OaA 04282013

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