Baltimore Orioles Three Point Plan

Free Agency officially opened up roughly two weeks ago and the Baltimore Orioles have yet to make any big moves. They haven’t offered Zack Greinke that big seven year, $160 million dollar contract yet, and they haven’t offered Josh Hamilton that big seven year, $175 million dollar contract yet, and they haven’t – well, you get the point.

These two guys are just waiting for general manager Dan Duquette to come in and sweep them off their feet (with dollar bills of course) – clearly they are. I know this because they haven’t signed with anyone else, so obviously they are waiting for Duquette and the Orioles.

So what’s the big deal?

Weren’t the Orioles supposed to be big movers and shakers as soon as free agency officially began? Weren’t they supposed to solidify their spot at the top of their division with these big flashy moves that would get the city of Baltimore excited, as well as get them to start making plans for a certain parade?

I know that’s what my expectation was once the off-season began and it’s not like these expectations that I hold, as well as every single other Orioles fan in existence, are just made up and coming out of nowhere. I’m pretty certain I saw a three-point plan on the internet somewhere signed by Dan Duquette and manager Buck Showalter themselves. And because I found it on the internet with their signatures it’s obviously legit.

For those that don’t believe me then here is the proof:

See, told you I saw it and it’s legit.

Now that begs the question – what are the Orioles waiting for? They’re going to have all this extra money from increased attendance, the playoffs, MASN (huge money maker – clearly, because they charge some of the lowest service fees to subscribers), and of course the new TV deals that MLB has signed which is providing a bunch of millions extra to everyone – I think even I’m due a check.

All I know is that I’m tired of waiting and this whole “plan” and strategery thing can bite it. The Toronto Blue Jays just doomed themselves beyond 2014 with these high priced players they recently acquired from the Miami Marlins. Why can’t we do that? That seems like a pretty fantastical strategy to me – we’ll win big next season, maybe even the one after that and even though we’ll pretty much blow in about three years due to those same aging, massive contracts – we could at least hang our hat on the fact that we were super-duper for two full years.

So yeah – Danny boy, Buck…get on the screw the future the future is this year and next train. Who cares about winning long-term…

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Lance Rinker    

Lance is the Managing Editor for Konsume, a crowd-sourced news platform driving passionate journalism. In addition to his work on BSL, you can find Lance’s extended portfolio at his profile on Konsume and you can follow him on Twitter.

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One Response to Baltimore Orioles Three Point Plan

  1. brO says:

    Danny Duque is way too smart for all that. Plus he knows that there are going to be some contracts that need to get done here at home, namely Matt Wieters, Manny Machado, and Dylan Bundy. Plus they are into BRob for 10 mil for and so they won’t be getting burned again. This free agent class is a rogues gallery of crazy.

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