Prospect Watch: Green, Beck, Schreurs

Chris Green – RHP
Signed by the Orioles midway through the 2012 year, he missed some time to develop with a professional coaching staff around him. He also missed some time due to Tommy John Surgery in the Spring of 2011 while still at Northwest Missouri State. Add on that he is 23, and the picture begins to unfold on how far Green has to fly until he reaches a formidable level of value. Luckily enough, baseball allows for players to have different timelines, and players are often not hindered by extreme curves such as in football (usually). Green has a serious fastball that can reach the mid-to-upper 90′s. There is a little movement on it, and I have been told by one in the industry that he could rocket through the system. They said he is a back-end sleeper if all things shake out for him. Again, a lot to work on here, but a live arm like this deserves at least some form of notice. 10 K’s in 5.0 IP at the GCL is not a bad start though.

Sander Beck

Sander Beck: Courtesy of Bob Rinker

Sander Beck – RHP
Beck is a local boy that attended University of Maryland and was born in Millersville. He technically was signed officially as an undrafted free agent in 2012. In college, Beck was one of the best pitchers at Maryland. In the pros, Beck has been shifted to a relief role, and pitched the entire 2012 season at Aberdeen. To some surprise, he compiled terrific numbers with a SO/9 of 12.0 in 44.1 IP with a 2.44 ERA. His fastball runs from 88-92, with it usually topping out around there. It lacks movement for me, which makes me wonder how far he truly can go. His change also lacks enough movement, and I also question it against better competition. He has a decent curve with solid depth that one could argue is clearly his best pitch right now. The thing that Beck does offer is solid control and command. That may be able to carry him further down the line. Beck can be a solid piece to a minor league bullpen, although it remains to be seen how far he truly can go. At the higher levels I could see his fastball being squared up on much more often with the lack of movement. 2012 will be a career-altering test for Beck as he moves to the full-season leagues of the minors.

Ronald Schreurs – LHP
When you see a player at 6’6″ 205 pounds, it is a little shocking. At age 20, with some projected growth left, that is a tremendous frame to work with. Add that Schreurs is a LHP and he is a little more intriguing. He has a long ways to go, and is about as raw that you can be, but there are some positives from his game. From what I have been told through industry sources, he is a very strong kid with a live arm. Arm speed is present, and he could have some nice velocity with a nice extension in his delivery. They reiterated that he has a long ways to go, but the overall picture is at least promising. Keep an eye on the big lefty, as he could surprise some down the road.


The Orioles signed a few players to MiLB deals the past week or so.

Some notables are RHP Stu Pomeranz, who is supposedly out the entire 2013 season due to injury, which you can read more about from Roch Kubatko of MASN. It is interesting to see the Orioles sign someone expected to miss the entire season, but I have no problem with this. Pomeranz has a solid arm and started to really flash his talent in 2012. He is definitely a guy to keep around just in case.

The other notable signing is RHP Kyle Mertins. Mertins, 24, was selected in the 28th round of the 2010 draft by the Atlanta Braves. He pitched last season in independent ball. From the knowledgeable Don Olsen:

“Kyle Mertins, recent Orioles signing from Indy ball, decent 2S with sink, slider with okay tilt, polished, looks more MR-RHP ceiling”.

The Orioles need depth at the A-AA level, and this surely helps.

Other signings:
LHP David Quinowski
RHP Michael Recchia

Thanks to Don Olsen for some of the information provided. I highly recommend everyone following him on twitter., It is astonishing how he only has around 500 followers.

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