Prospect Watch: Nivar, Lorenzo, Moreno

Jose Nivar – RHP
I’ve talked about Nivar a few times at BSL, mainly on the podcast. His name usually comes up when talking about fastball velocity. The reason? I have personally seen him hit 100 MPH on the radar gun before. He usually sits around 94-98 and the ball has some movement on it. While throwing heat is always welcome, command and control are also something that one would like a pitcher to own. I think we all see where this is going.

Nivar has absolutely no clue where the ball is ever going, and I’ve seen him laser the ball 10 feet over the catcher to 5 feet in front of him in the dirt. Steve Melewski of MASN said the mascot better watch out. No seriously… He was not joking. Nivar is a converted Outfielder, which explains some of these issues. He has not been pitching long by any means. His fastball is something that cannot be taught though. His secondary arsenal is sub-par still, although his slider has some sweep and tilt to it that makes some potential possible.

I’ve talked to a few people within the industry, and they all seem to think the odds are far-to-extreme. There is just so much left to work on. But hey, when you can light the radar gun up, why not give it your best shot? I wouldn’t even bother looking at his numbers honestly. He just needs to work on having a consistent delivery, and settle down some of the moving body parts in his delivery. I like Nivar, I think he could grow more with the right people in his ear every day.

Gregory Lorenzo – OF
Some may call him a late-bloomer, some may say he just has too many inefficiencies in his swing to really be anything more than organizational depth. Personally, I put him in the middle of that. While I don’t think he is organizational filler, I also see a player that has a vast amount of issues still with his game. But first, the positives.

Lorenzo has decent bat speed, some sneaky speed, and a little pop. I like the sound of the ball off the bat. I haven’t seen him in the field enough to really give an accurate read. Only a few plays here and there, and he looked above-average.

Of course, with the good comes the bad. He has a ton of moving parts on the swing, and his hips and feet get a little too loose at times. He’s slowed it down a bit, but is still a little off with the consistency of his swing. This may be a reason as to why he gets some poor hacks at times, but he also has some discipline troubles. In the future, I look for Lorenzo to hopefully calm the swing down a little more. There is some talent here, but it remains to be seen whether he can truly find anything consistent. He put together a wonderful season in 2012 at three different levels, hitting .323/.373/.460. I personally think he should start at Frederick next year, but he might end up back at Delmarva.

Rafael Moreno – RHP
Moreno is a 17 year old who pitched with the Orioles DSL Club in 2012. He is on Brazil’s roster for the World Baseball Classic. He compiled some nice numbers in 65.1 innings, with a 3.86 ERA and 59 K’s. I have heard he does have a lively arm and is certainly a guy to watch down the road. The WBC is certainly a good learning experience for the young pitcher although I am not sure how much he will be used. Here is a report I was given on Moreno from Don Olsen:

Rafael Moreno has a wide-stout frame, wide shoulders and hips. His arms give a feel of a pitcher a few inches taller.  Muscular development is advanced for age, good development in the upper quads, rear, and upper back.  Strictly body type, he gives off a bit of Vicente Padilla comparisons, who could sit 220-225 as he matures.

I’ve heard he has shifted arm slots and been working on mechanical aspects, but take that with a grain of salt compared to the above information. Here is a video (albeit it poor) of Moreno in the WBC qualifiers.

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