Ravens win on Tucker’s 61 yarder; What did we see?

The Baltimore Ravens won their 4th consecutive game, beating Detroit 18-16, to improve to 8-6 on the year.

What did we see?

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1) The Ravens were left for dead by many a Month ago. Now the Ravens are 2 wins away from a Division title, and returning to the Playoffs for a 6th consecutive season.

2) What a weapon Tucker is. Not only is he seemingly automatic, he has huge leg strength and is not overwhelmed by the moment. Yes, they were indoors; but 61 yards for the win is the stuff of lure. Tucker with all of the Ravens points tonight.

3) The Ravens fell behind 7-0 right away, with Detroit scoring on their opening drive. Twice on that series, the Lions picked up 3rd and long. Elam was charged with a late hit on Stafford, and missed a tackle in space on Burleson. Bush finished the series with a 14 yard TD run.

4) After Detroit’s initial score, the Ravens defense forced five punts, and had an interception on the Lions’ next 6 series.

5) Arthur Jones came up with an important sack on the Lions 2nd series.  In the 3rd Quarter, he had a big play wrapping up Bell on a run up the middle.

6) On the Ravens 2nd series, Pierce started the drive with a 1st down on the ground. Flacco then found Pitta on 3rd and long for a 1st. Another 1st down was gained when Flacco and T. Smith connected off of a play action pass. On 2nd and 4, Dickson held on while being hit for another 1st down as the 1st Quarter ended. A good looking pass to Jones on the sideline, set up 3rd and short. A pitch to Rice gained yet another 1st, setting up 1st and 10 at the Detroit 13. The drive would stall at that point, and Baltimore would settle for a FG. Good looking drive overall though. 7-3 Detroit.

7) The Ravens 3rd series, started at their own 46 – but that quality field position was wasted when Baltimore went 3 and out.

8) With 2:33 left in the 1st half, the Ravens pulled within 1 (7-6) when Tucker nailed his 2nd FG attempt of the game. That drive had started at the Ravens 18. Flacco began the series scrambling for 7 yards. On 1st and 10 from their 29, Flacco and Smith connected for 22 yards. Detroit was charged with a face mask on the play, tacking on 15 additional yards. That took the Ravens to the Lions 34. The subsequent play was another Lions penalty, with Detroit now being charged with pass interference.

9) The Ravens defense came up with a stop on the Lions last series of the 1st half, giving the ball back to their offense with 80 seconds remaining. Starting from their 15, Flacco and Jones had back-to-back connections for 39 yards; as Baltimore moved into Lions territory. Facing 3rd and 8 at the Detroit 44, Delmas was charged with unnecessary roughness for his hit on Brown. That gave Baltimore a 1st down at the Detroit 29. Detroit would then take their 1st timeout. Flacco would check to Pitta for a 15 yard gain to the Lions 10, with 10 seconds left. At that point, the Ravens took their 1st timeout. After throwing away a pass, the Ravens took their 2nd timeout to set-up Tucker’s 3rd FG. It seemed like questionable clock management, especially considering the Ravens started the drive with all 3 of their timeouts remaining. Tucker’s 3rd FG gave the Ravens the 9-7 half time lead.

10) DeAngelo Tyson came up with an interception early in the 3rd Quarter. This set up Tucker’s 4th FG (from 49 yards out) for a 12-7 Ravens lead.

11) There have not been many times this year where the Ravens Offensive line has received accolades, but they deserve some tonight. Going against the talented Lions Defensive line, the Baltimore OL was effective enough to give Flacco and the passing game a chance to make some plays.

12) Some great play from the Ravens Secondary, particularly in run coverage. Multiple plays where Webb, and Elam were running into the box making plays. Graham also worked well against Johnson in the seam. Smith did about as much as any CB can against Johnson, and cemented what should be a Pro Bowl season for the 3rd year player.

13) Daryl Smith came up with a 3rd and 2 interception of Stafford in the 4th. The Ravens would take advantage of that pick, with Tucker hitting his 5th FG (from 53 yards) for a 15-10 Baltimore lead.

14) Ngata had a strong game, consistently pushing the Lions O-line backwards.

15) Detroit took the lead (16-15 after the failed 2 point conversion), having marched 80 yards for the score. It was a long drive, where Stafford, Johnson, Pettigrew, and Fauria each made plays. Credit to the Lions. Some will get on the Ravens defense for allowing another later score, but I think the Baltimore defense did everything you could possibly ask of them tonight as a whole.

16) Between the failed challenge on the Lions 2nd to last drive, and the TO taken prior to Detroit’s failed 2 point conversion – the Ravens took over on offense trailing 16-15, with just 1 TO left.

17) With a knee heavily taped up, Flacco threw a 3rd and 15 strike to Jones for a 27 yard gain. This took the game to the 2 minute warning, and the Ravens to the Detroit 45. After the offense did nothing, and the Ravens were left facing 4th and long – Tucker again bailed out the Ravens with a 61 yard kick for the lead.

18) Elam officially ended the game, picking off Stafford with 30 seconds left.

19) Rice had 56 yards on 12 carries (4.7 ypc), but just 1 catch. Part of that was he was left in to help pass block, which he did well with tonight.

20) 5 different Ravens with at-least 2 catches, with Jones, Brown, and Smith each having at-least 4.

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