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BSL’s Posts Of The Week

In a new series here at Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL), we will regularly highlight some of the most interesting posts of the week from our Message Board.

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Topic: Dave Wallace and Dom Chiti join the Atlanta Braves. Chiti says he called Dan Duquette 3x times without a response. Duquette says not the case.

Post(s) from BSL Analyst Chris Bacon: “Of course it is going to be he said she said, but it’s not a good look either way. I mean, forget baseball for a second. This shouldn’t even happen in any business setting. It’s just common sense, and someone, somewhere probably dropped the ball. It’s just so embarrassing as a fan, because it’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Can’t imagine any of the pitchers will be happy with this news, either.”

Topic: Larger discussion is Orioles roster construction, stemming from a series at Camden Depot. Specific point here is how should the O’s payroll be counted when there are players with deferred salaries?

Post from the Poster ‘Mackus’: “I count it as full value just for simplicity. I think the most fair is the NPV calculation, but it’s messy and indeterminable (we don’t know how much and for how long the deferral is) in some cases. Several other guys have deferred money as well. Hardy, Gallardo, Jimenez, O’Day. Probably should count option buyouts somewhere also. Certainly isn’t as easy as just glancing at an Opening Day Payroll number anymore, is it?”

Topic: The World Series

Post from the Poster ‘Mike B’ (Page 87): “The 2016 Series was great stuff right to the very last pitch.  Game 7 of the World Series is Sports at its finest but last nights was off the charts. Right down to the last pitch, I suspected that Martinez might do something that would send the Cubs and their fans into a funk that might last another 108 years, but Montgomery got the job done and the Billy Goat curse is over. What great baseball.  Anyone who says baseball is boring, probably did not watch any of the play offs.  If they did, their opinions, may have changed. I love the damn game.”

Topic: The Ravens as they come out of the bye.

Post from the Poster ‘primetime’ (Page 7): “Surprise, surprise……I’m going to take a look at the situation from a glass half full perspective. There’s a lot of chatter about the schedule for the remainder of the season but it’s not like we’re playing the 80′s 49ers for the next 9 games. As we all know, we have 5 remaining division games and our division is pretty bad…….the Browns stink, the Bengals are just as mediocre as we are and the Steelers can score but they’ve also played poorly on defense. Plus, division games are almost always competitive, regardless of records. Barring a dramatic turnaround, it’s highly unlikely that anyone besides the division winner makes it to the postseason out of the AFC North. The Cowboys may still pull the plug on Dak Prescott and go back to Romo, which could dramatically change the complexion of that game. Even if Prescott is still under center, there’s always the unpredictable nature of rookie QBs. Granted, the Cowboys have a fantastic offensive line and 2 really good playmakers in Elliott and Bryant. The Eagles have played poorly on the road so far and we’ll be seeing a rookie QB in week 15, so he may very well be hitting the wall. The Dolphins are mediocre as well. The Patriots will probably stomp us but we do more often than not give Brady and the Pats fits, so you never know. I understand that conventional wisdom says the team is on course for 6-7 wins and believe me, there hasn’t been a ton of inspiring play from this team in the first half of the season. Part of it is self inflicted, part of it is injury related and another part of it is lack of talent. Obviously, the roster construction isn’t going to dramatically change, so that is what it is. It looks like most of the injury issues will be behind us coming out of the bye. Regarding correcting poor play, penalties, etc; hopefully the bye week has given the team an opportunity to self scout, clean things up and refocus for a run in the 2nd half. Bottom line for me, in spite of ourselves, we’re still in this thing. (At least until Sunday at around 4pm, pending the outcome.)”

Topic: Maryland @ Michigan

Post from BSL Terps Analyst Zack Kiesel: “Doing research for the preview article, and thought I’d post these numbers here. A little behind-the-scenes as to what goes into my weekly previews. Michigan’s pretty good, you guys.

Michigan Stats:
47 points per game (#3 in country, #1 in conference)
228 passing yards per game (#71 in country, #6 in conference)
249 rushing yards per game (#14 in country, #3 in conference)
48% third down conversion rate (#19 in country, #3 in conference)
91% red zone success rate (#22 in country, #3 in conference)
64% field goal percentage (Kenny Allen is 9/13, but hasn’t missed since Wisconsin game)
13 turnovers gained (8 INT, 5 FUM) (#57 in country, #5 in conference)
6 turnovers lost (3 INT, 3 FUM) (#4 in country, #2 in conference)
27 sacks (#9 in country, #1 in conference)
11 sacks allowed (#20 in country, #3 in conference)’

Maryland Stats:
33 points per game (#45 in country, #4 in conference)
181 passing yards per game (#110 in country, #11 in conference)
252 rushing yards per game (#12 in country, #2 in conference)
39% third down conversion rate (#69 in country, #8 in conference)
93% red zone success rate (#9 in country, #1 in conference)
75% field goal percentage (Adam Greene is 6/8, but hasn’t missed since UCF game)
9 turnovers gained (#101 in country, #12 in conference)
11 turnovers lost (#37 in country, #7 in conference)
20 sacks (#21 in country, #3 in conference)
24 sacks allowed (#112 in country, #14 in conference)”

Topic: College Football Week 10 / CFP

Post from BSL CFB Analyst Mike Lowe: “The Pac-12′s relatively poor showing in the non-conference portion of the season does hurt. The best win the whole conference had was probably Cal beating Texas. That’s not much. Also the fact that preseason ranked teams like Stanford and Oregon have played well below expectations. And Washington itself had a weak OOC schedule, with Rutgers being the one Power 5 team they played. USC has been a very improved team since Sam Darnold took over at QB, so a win over them could boost Washington’s standing. And Wazzou is ranked now too after their typical bad start. But like you said, it probably comes down to why the committee has A&M higher….are they the better team or have they just played a better schedule? (It’s worth noting that the Aggies’ best OOC win came against a Pac-12 team though.)

Topic: CFB Betting Week 10

Post from Poster ‘Pedro Cerrano’: “Record to date:  27-23-4. Last week ROCKED!  Nailed my bet of the week and took Vegas to the cleaners (kinda)! Off we go to Week 10′s Picks, INCLUDING A THURSDAY NIGHT GAME!!
- UCLA at Colorado UNDER 58 (Thursday night) 
- Minnesota (-17) vs. Purdue
- Florida State (+2.5) at NC State and North Carolina (-3.5) vs. Georgia Tech TEASE
- Arkansas (+4) vs. Florida
- Penn State (-7) vs. Iowa
- Alabama at LSU OVER 44.5″

Topic: Who do you talk sports with outside of BSL?

Post from BSL Analyst Seth Bondroff: “Obviously in my job, I talk sports every day, but it’s not always meaningful. My 11 year old son is a sponge, and soaks it all in. He knows every player in the Majors, and also loves College and Pro Hoops. I don’t watch much football, so he’s not that exposed to it. My Father passed away in 2003, but we ALWAYS talked sports. He’s the reason I became the fan I am today, and it really was the basis of a great relationship for the 32 years we had.”

Topic: NFL Ratings Being Down

Post from Poster ‘DJ MC’ (Page 12): “The bigger issue is that this is happening all across the television landscape. The networks have fallen from their heights already, and cable is starting to head down that path. So when that MNF contract comes up in 2021, who is going to be able to pay the NFL the money they are asking for? Especially if the ratings decline is more than just a bump in the road, and actually continues down over the next five years.”

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Chris Stoner

Chris Stoner founded Baltimore Sports and Life in 2009. He has appeared as a radio guest with 1090 WBAL, 105.7 The Fan, CBS 1300, Q1370, WOYK 1350, WKAV 1400, and WNST 1570. He has also been interviewed by The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Business Journal, and PressBox (TV). As Owner, his responsibilities include serving as the Managing Editor, Publicist, & Sales Director. You can reach him via email at [email protected].


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