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Mid Atlantic Wiffleball: Hit. Pitch. Field.

They just can’t help themselves. When I tell people that I am spending the weekend playing Wiffle® Ball, they cannot help but giggle. Wiffle® Ball, really? You mean the kid’s game? It happens every time.But there is also something else that happens every time. Once those same folks watch some video clips (like this one… Read More

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Baltimore, How Can BSL, & BMBD Help You?

Baltimore, how can Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL), and Baltimore Metro Business Development (BMBD) help you?BSL is dedicated to analysis and discussion on the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and the University of Maryland.While our focus remains on those teams, as of June 2016, our coverage has expanded to other sports, pop culture, and more!BSL is… Read More

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Mindgrub Creates First Virtual Reality Holodeck In Baltimore

Award-winning, Baltimore-based digital agency, Mindgrub, has just finished creating the city’s first “Holodeck.” The Holodeck, short for Holographic Environment Simulator, gets its name from Star Trek’s fictional virtual reality facility. In the Star Trek universe, the Holodeck is often used for recreational activities.Mindgrub has transformed one of the rooms at its headquarters in Locust Point into… Read More

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