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Mid Atlantic Wiffleball: Hit. Pitch. Field.

They just can’t help themselves. When I tell people that I am spending the weekend playing Wiffle® Ball, they cannot help but giggle. Wiffle® Ball, really? You mean the kid’s game? It happens every time.But there is also something else that happens every time. Once those same folks watch some video clips (like this one… Read More

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The Baltimore Light Rail Bar Crawl

The Baltimore Light Rail is a hotly debated issue in Baltimore. Some call it the “loot rail” due to the belief that it shuttles crime to the suburbs. Others say it doesn’t really go anywhere and that it’s way too slow. But no matter how you feel about it, there is one thing it can… Read More

Written by Sean Jester
1 year ago
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Exploring Local Wineries

Like craft beer, the wine industry has exploded in the last few years, with wineries seemingly popping up overnight on a regular basis in Maryland and Virginia.They range from people making wine in their garage to sprawling multi-acre vineyards that look like they’ve been dropped into Maryland and Virginia from the Napa Valley. Maryland wine… Read More

Written by Sean Jester
2 years ago
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