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Baltimore Orioles Minor League Update

The only teams in Major League Baseball that have the revenue streams to be potentially be successful without a strong Minor League system are the New York Yankees, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Even for those teams, a barren organization would be limiting.For the Baltimore Orioles, it is extremely important to have a system that is… Read More

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Why The Orioles Should Trade Britton

The bullpen in major league baseball is becoming more and more of a premium area teams are focusing on. After seeing the success of the Royals the last few years, culminating with a World Championship this season, teams are trying to replicate that. We saw Craig Kimbrel dealt to the division rival Boston Red Sox… Read More

Written by Rob Shields
6 days ago
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3 Strikes: Change For Certainty

We crave certainty; we like knowing--or believing that we know--what's coming up next. Change scares most people. While most people put up the pretense of liking change, most would rather settle in to the expected. Change in sports is even scarier. Change in sports usually means that there has been an unsuccessful period that necessitated… Read More

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