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What does the future hold for the Orioles?

This has been a very up and down season for the Baltimore Orioles. They have played better than their record indicates but, as Bill Parcels used to say, you are what your record says you are and the Orioles record says they are a middle of the road, 500 baseball team. We can discuss whose… Read More

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The Depressing Reality of the Orioles’ Rotation

So what does one do about Miguel Gonzalez?That’s Baltimore’s problem in nutshell, though it’s not Baltimore’s only problem. Plainly stated, the biggest problem with the Baltimore Orioles is: how does one deal with a rotation that’s stopped making the Warehouse look like geniuses?(Discuss this article on the BSL boards here.)Last year, of course, the talk… Read More

Written by Jonathan Bernhardt
1 week ago
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Baltimore Orioles 2016: Choose Your Own Adventure

Two days ago, I wrote the following, "’s hard to completely mentally move on to the questions of the Winter when it is still to-be-determined how ’15 ends." In hypocritical fashion, let me do just that.No matter how you envision '15 ending, the season will end. The questions which are apparent today, will need to… Read More

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