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Alvarez, Fowler, or Bruce?

It’s as close to certain as can be at this point that within the next few days, the Baltimore Orioles will sign Yovani Gallardo and forfeit the 14th overall pick in the MLB draft. Perhaps not what I would have done, given god- or video-game-like control over the Orioles FO, and while I generally agree… Read More

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Orioles Probably Over-Investing with Yovani Gallardo

On Tuesday afternoon, news came out that the Orioles are nearing a three-year deal with Yovani Gallardo worth between $40-45 million dollars. Gallardo declined the Rangers’ qualifying offer which means he has draft pick compensation tied to him and will cost the Orioles the 14th overall pick this summer. That alone is enough to feel… Read More

Written by Paul Sporer
1 day ago
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Prospect Press for Jonah Heim, Josh Hart and Others

With Spring Training just a week or so away, it's time to take another look at some prospects in the Baltimore organization. If you follow the system, these names are everyday names that you've heard of. After spending extensive time reviewing the players below, I'll give a brief overview of the player and their outlook… Read More

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