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OF Options For The Orioles

The Orioles have to feel good about bringing back Mark Trumbo, particularly in getting him on a team-friendly three-year, $37 million contract.Trumbo is far from a perfect player. He should almost never play the field and he’s not going to walk a whole lot. But he is a great fit for this team and this… Read More

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Baltimore Orioles articlefeature--baltimore-orioles

The Baltimore Orioles Figure To Continue To Confound Some, But…

Over the past five seasons (2012-2016) the Baltimore Orioles have won more games than any other American League team, and reached the post-season three times.Weeks away from the start of Spring Training, we have a good sense of what the 2017 O's roster will look like. For whatever reasons, when the projections start to come… Read More

Written by Chris Stoner
1 month ago
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Baltimore Orioles 2017 System Report and Top-Five Prospects

Coming into this year, the Baltimore Orioles are facing some doubts about the shape of their farm system. A system that most pundits still rank among the lowest in baseball, the Orioles’ minor leagues do not offer much in the way of high-impact players who will help the major league roster in 2017, especially in… Read More

Written by Zach Spedden
1 month ago
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Allied Remodeling of Central MD

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