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Tale of the tape: Jimmy Smith vs. Josh Norman

In a new series here at Baltimore Sports and Life, we’ll examine some of the leagues All-Pros, their talent, physical attributes, how they are being schemed, and discuss the attributes the Ravens need to be looking for at those positions. In addition, we can compare the All-Pro in discussion to the Ravens counterpart and see… Read More

Written by Mike Randall
4 days ago
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What can Ravens learn from this year’s Super Bowl teams?

Those who remember the Rex Ryan and Chuck Pagano-era Ravens defenses fondly will be in for a treat during Super Bowl 50, when the Denver Broncos' No. 1 rated defense squares off against the Carolina Panthers' No. 6 rated defense. It's true. Defense wins championships.Discuss in the BSL forums here...These two teams' results aren't what… Read More

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Dean Pees & the Ravens D Pt. 1

Dean Pees has been the focus of much fan animosity over the past couple of seasons. Whether or not he is deserving of so much scrutiny is a matter that can be debated, but it is certainly true that the defense has been a major reason for the team’s recent shortcomings. In this two part… Read More

Written by Gabe Ferguson
5 days ago
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