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The Ravens’ remaining needs after the first wave of free agency

The Baltimore Ravens entered the 2017 free-agency period with fairly limited resources and many needs to address. The team managed to take care of some of its most glaring issues, but many remain. With the pool of free-agent talent dwindling and the draft still more than a month away, the Ravens have to formulate a… Read More

Written by Jason B. Hirschhorn
4 days ago
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Ravens face considerable challenges navigating player market ravaged by franchise tags

In less than a month, NFL free agency opens in earnest, kicking off one of the most exciting periods of the football calendar. Teams across the league will significantly alter their rosters, with some sowing the seeds of an eventual title run. Meanwhile, other organizations will misallocate their resources in free agency, short-circuiting their season… Read More

Written by Jason B. Hirschhorn
2 weeks ago
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Day 2 Wide Receiver The Ravens Should Target: Michael Gallup

Just days ago Ozzie Newsome made it obvious the Ravens are expecting to overhaul the wide receiver group, stating, “We’re looking for the opportunity to change that room, in terms of personnel and people that are in that room. And we’re going to leave no stones unturned.” Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the… Read More

Written by Robert Habib
3 weeks ago
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