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Grading the Ravens 2017 Draft

When the Ravens drafted a CB in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, my first reaction was one of puzzlement. Didn’t the Ravens just sign Brandon Carr and Tony Jefferson to bolster the secondary? After thinking about it some more, it became apparent that the Ravens want to maximize every opportunity to improve… Read More

Written by Gabe Ferguson
8 months ago
Baltimore Ravens, NFL, NFL Draft,
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Explosion Numbers: DEs and LBs in the 2017 NFL Draft

Last year I analyzed something that Pat Kirwan developed a while back called an “explosion number”. Kirwan is a former NFL scout, assistant coach, salary cap manager, and now author, podcast host, and NFL Insider. Check out last years write up for a detailed explanation of explosion numbers pertaining to pass rushers in the NFL.The… Read More

Written by Mike Randall
8 months ago
Baltimore Ravens, NFL Draft, ,

Allied Remodeling of Central MD

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