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Sid Saraf’s NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

Let me defend my hometown a bit.Week after week, the national media gleefully reports on the sparse crowds for NFL games in Los Angeles. We get panorama shots of the empty seats on Sundays followed by a predictable amount of snark.Well, knock it off.The popular theory is that Los Angeles won’t support pro football. After… Read More

Written by Sid Saraf
4 weeks ago
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Sid Saraf’s NFL Thoughts: Week 3 Arrives

Maybe it’s a sickness.There was a day when I didn’t have much of an opinion on Jay Cutler. He came into the NFL the same year as Matt Leinart and Vince Young and being an unapologetic USC homer, all of my attention was focused on the dreamy southpaw from Southern California.Leinart and Young were months… Read More

Written by Sid Saraf
1 month ago
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Allied Remodeling of Central MD

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