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Baltimore Sports Media: Viviano, Cunningham, & Sandusky

One of history’s most iconic photos is that of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Soviet strongman Joseph Stalin meeting in Yalta in early 1945 to discuss how Europe would be divvied up after World War II.Though no one should confuse the three men in that photo with the three… Read More

Written by Milton Kent
4 days ago
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The End Of ESPN’s Mike & Mike

The time was April, 1985.The sports world was still reeling from Villanova’s stunning upset over mighty Georgetown in the NCAA men’s basketball national championship game.The Orioles were just a full season removed from their last World Series win, but roughly a month away from firing manager Joe Altobelli, the guy who guided them to the… Read More

Written by Milton Kent
2 weeks ago
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Pete Gilbert On The Future Of Sports Coverage On Local TV

When I began an internship at WBAL-TV in the spring of 1995, local TV sports was still living in the golden age. Vince Bagli, Gerry Sandusky and Mark Viviano were all on staff at WBAL. They have been awarded the Maryland State Sportscaster of the Year a combined 17 times by the NSMA. It was… Read More

Written by Pete Gilbert
4 weeks ago
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Allied Remodeling of Central MD

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