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Reviewing NBC’s Olympics Coverage

What do Dan Hicks, NBC executives and a certain sports media writer have in common? We all called a competition over on the air before it really was, in fact, over.My mistake happened nearly 34 years ago on a college radio station, when I said the Maryland-Miami football game was over at halftime, with the… Read More

Written by Milton Kent
4 weeks ago
Sports Media,
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2018 Brings Changes For ESPN

In homes and offices around the country this week, millions are changing calendars, tossing out 2017 models and unveiling new 2018 editions. Implicit in those changes is a hope that the new set of 365 days brings an improvement to the previous 365.There are few places in sports where the changing of the calendar will… Read More

Written by Milton Kent
2 months ago
Sports Media,
jemele-hill-espn-twitter-reactions articlefeature--sports-media

Jemele Hill Returns

When Jemele Hill returns to work Monday as co-anchor of ESPN’s 6 p.m. SportsCenter, she’ll find a very different atmosphere than the one that existed two weeks ago when she was suspended, one where the oxygen of unfettered speech may have vanished.And that lack of fresh air may eventually choke Hill out of a job.Hill,… Read More

Written by Milton Kent
5 months ago
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