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Breaking Up the Drive to Ocean City

I don’t know about you, but when I drive over the bay bridge on my way to Ocean City, I feel all my stress fall away. There’s something about the eastern shore – the laid back pace, the sprawling farm land, the water – that calms me. Unfortunately, getting there can be a real bear… Read More

Written by Sean Jester
2 years ago
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Tubing the Potomac River

 Imagine floating down a river, cold beer in hand, as the rooftops and steeples of a historic town slowly pass you by. You’re headed toward a railroad bridge and if you’re lucky, there’s a train clanking by. The sun is out and it’s hot, but the river water is refreshing. Better finish that beer though,… Read More

Written by Sean Jester
2 years ago
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Exploring Local Wineries

Like craft beer, the wine industry has exploded in the last few years, with wineries seemingly popping up overnight on a regular basis in Maryland and Virginia.They range from people making wine in their garage to sprawling multi-acre vineyards that look like they’ve been dropped into Maryland and Virginia from the Napa Valley. Maryland wine… Read More

Written by Sean Jester
2 years ago
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