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2015 Terps Football: Special Teams Preview

The special teams units for the Terps have been mostly reliable all around in recent seasons. The evolution of kicker Brad Craddock and the use of skill players like Stefon Diggs and Will Likely in the return game has been a huge advantage. Craddock was automatic last season and Likely continued to be elusive returning… Read More

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The Depressing Reality of the Orioles’ Rotation

So what does one do about Miguel Gonzalez?That’s Baltimore’s problem in nutshell, though it’s not Baltimore’s only problem. Plainly stated, the biggest problem with the Baltimore Orioles is: how does one deal with a rotation that’s stopped making the Warehouse look like geniuses?(Discuss this article on the BSL boards here.)Last year, of course, the talk… Read More

Written by Jonathan Bernhardt
2 weeks ago
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Preseason Week 2: What To Watch For

Preseason Game 1 is always a little bit less telling than Game 2. These are the things I'm going to be watching for in Game 2. Discuss what you'll be watching for here. 1.  The Running Game. So the running game didn't look all that sharp last week. There were signs that it was going to be… Read More

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