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Quick Hits: July 11, 2015

A variety of Terps basketball story lines in recent weeks regarding current and future players. We dive in to some of those topics in this July version of Quick Hits.(Discuss on the BSL board here)Trimble Finalist for U.S. Pan Am TeamMaryland rising sophomore Melo Trimble is one of 16 finalists to represent team U.S.A. in… Read More

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Pittsburgh Steelers Q&A with Neal Coolong

With the league in sort of a dead period during the summer, I decided to send out some questions to Neal Coolong. Neal currently writes for Steelers Wire and was the former editor of the Steelers SB Nation blog Behind the Steel Curtain.Discuss in the BSL Forums here1) In 2014, the Steelers led the league in passing DVOA,… Read More

Written by William Stokes
3 weeks ago
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An Experience-Based Aging Curve

Baseball players are assumed to follow a general aging curve that peaks around age 27, when his physical and mental attributes are perfectly tuned. At 27, so the thought goes, players have been in the Major Leagues or around the game long enough to grasp the intricate mental concepts of the game and instinctively know… Read More

Written by Patrick Dougherty
3 weeks ago
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