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2016-17 College Basketball: Big East & Big 12 Jan. 6th Update

Just a few days into January, college basketball’s conference season is already in the swing of things as many teams have already played two or three games against their conference foes. Here is a look at how the Big East and Big 12 have fared over the last month and what lies ahead during conference… Read More

Written by Chris Bacon
2 weeks ago
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Talking Terps: 15 Down & 16 To Go, Nebraska Debacle, Quick Lane Bowl Weirdness

Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Zack and Eric convene after a few weeks off to discuss the state of Maryland basketball with 15 games down and 16 to go. Plus, getting into the debacle of a loss to Nebraska, Quick Lane Bowl weirdness and much more.Download–PodcastTopics discussed include:Looking big picture with 15 games in the… Read More

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NFL Wild Card Weekend

Who here likes Dave & Buster’s?I can’t say that I’m really a fan, but I’ve been dragged there on a number of occasions for various going-away parties, box socials, birthday gatherings and the like. I can sip on a drink and keep my Ms. Pac-Man (shutup, I’m old) skills sharp.However, I always get annoyed when… Read More

Written by Sid Saraf
2 weeks ago
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Allied Remodeling of Central MD

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