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Sid Saraf’s NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

I love Hollywood.

Specifically, Hollywood failures. Nothing make me happier than seeing a big-budget movie fall flat on its face. Negative reviews give me strength. Actors with careers in jeopardy going forward light my fire.

And yes, I’m a terrible person.

I have the same attitude when it comes to the NFL. Do you know why I enjoy reading season previews pieces? For the pleasure of revisiting said predictions and pointing and laughing at those who possessed such foolish optimism.

The Giants? Hell, I picked them to win the NFC East. I’m a complete dolt. Look at them now: Big Blue at 1-7 is the equivalent of “Waterworld.”

The Buccaneers? More like “Cutthroat Island,” starring the immortal Matthew Modine. The Broncos? “John Carter.” The Colts? It’s not fair, because they’re missing their signature star, but still, “Battlefield Earth” was more watchable than this squad.

Man, I love me a good bomb.

Anyway, let’s see how the league is shaping up heading into Week 10.

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1) Eagles – It’s not just that Carson Wentz has Philly at 8-1. It’s not that his TD to INT ratio is impressive. It’s the fact that his success is driving Skip Bayless crazy. That should be enough for everyone to root his continued success. And did you see Lane Johnson throw Von Miller to the ground on Sunday? Hoooo!

2) Patriots – They’re coming off a bye week. And even though they’re on the road in Denver, a house of horrors for Tom and Bill in recent years, they’re going to have an easy time this Sunday.

3) Steelers – Another team coming off a bye. And it appears that Martavis Bryant has come to his senses and realized he’ll be the only who loses by pouting. However, does anyone else think they’ve got a trap game coming on the road against the Colts this week?

4) Rams – Fight me. They just dropped 50-plus against the “Waterworld” Giants and their defense is coming together after some troubling signs earlier this season.

5) Saints – Still don’t understand how they improved defensively so fast. Kudos to the front office and coaching staff.

6) Cowboys – Yours truly had all kinds of confidence in Big D last week and I was proven right. Come on, I have to give myself some credit after admitting to my Giants whiff.

7) Chiefs — The term “hit the panic button” is annoying. There is no panic button. And even if there was, what good would it do to hit it? But yes, the Chiefs should panic, in a sense. That run defense can’t stop anyone and their offense doesn’t have the firepower to make for that.

8) Vikings – I love this team. Even without Sam Bradford. Case Keenum has done the wise thing and let his strong defense carry the day.

9) Seahawks – I had them much higher last week, but that loss at home to the Redskins was disappointing. Dammit, Blair Walsh!

10) Redskins – How this team is just 4-4 is beyond me. I would pick them against the 5-3 Panthers, at home or on the road.


Jerry Jones: Not only is he upset at Roger Goodell, he’s got lawyers on the job, too. Lawyers who helped Harvey Weinstein run a smear campaign! Grab your popcorn, because there could be a bloodletting coming at the top of the NFL mountain. This will worthy of “Game of Thrones.”

Turkey hole: I might be the only Jon Gruden fan left. The level of hate he gets from bloggers and Bill Simmons is stupefying. Who cares that he doesn’t fillet every player who makes a mistake? I enjoy listening to people talk about things they’re passionate about. And Gruden is passionate. That being said, I didn’t get his whole rant about the “Turkey Hole” during this week’s “Monday Night Football.” I figured he’d get roasted for that, and indeed he did.

A.J. Green: OK, maybe the Cincinnati Bengals receiver is a tad on the soft side, but did Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey need to tell the media that? That’s just rude, man.

Jameis Winston: First, his pregame speech was weird. Second, he shouldn’t poke opposing players in the back of the head. Especially when he’s not in the game.

Camera angles: NBC announced it will make their SkyCam the primary camera angle for next Thursday’s Steelers-Titans game. So, we’ll get to all pretend we’re playing Madden. I’m not excited for this, but I’m not un-excited for it.

Martellus Bennett: The Packers cut him loose this week. Watch him land back in New England and make a few crucial plays.

Texans: So, they signed Josh Johnson this week. A quarterback that hasn’t thrown an NFL pass in five years. There’s a quarterback out there, who started a bunch of games last year and wasn’t horrible. Just saying.

Josh Gordon: The mercurial wide receiver is back in the NFL and says he used to play in games drunk or high. OK, then. That shows how talented he is. He was that good and he was blasted. Wow.


Seahawks at Cardinals: Short week and Seattle is stinging from a game it should have won. I’m going Seahawks here because the Cardinals can’t throw the ball.

Saints at Bills: Is New Orleans for real? Let’s see how that defense travels in Buffalo.

Vikings at Redskins: Greg Manusky has Washington’s defense running hot. And we all know what Minnesota’s D is capable of. Expect some hellacious hits.

Texans at Rams: Will L.A. actually get to 7-2? And how will the crowd be at the Coliseum?

Cowboys at Falcons: At some point, Atlanta’s offense will wake up. I just don’t think it’s going to be this week. Dallas all day.

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Written by Sid Saraf
2 months ago
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Sid Saraf

Currently a Mobile Editor at Yahoo, Saraf spent 5.5 years (Oct. 2010 - Feb. 2016) working for FOX Sports as an NFL Editor and Writer. Prior to that, Saraf worked for CBS Interactive for 4.5 years (May 2006 - Oct. 2010) as a Staff Editor.


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