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Sid Saraf’s NFL Power Rankings Week 6

Remember Adrian Peterson?

To quote the ‘Chris Farley Show,’ he was awesome.

What the hell happened? He went from being the prototype design of a running back (besides the fumble issues), a perennial top pick in every fantasy draft, one win from the Super Bowl, to near oblivion.

The news that he signed with the Saints in the offseason was baffling. It seemed inconceivable that he’d work down in the Big Easy, considering Peterson is someone who needs his 20-25 touches per game, simply because he’s the most effective when he can wear down a defense and rip off long runs in the fourth quarter.

It didn’t make a lick of sense that he’d prosper under Sean Payton’s mind games. Thankfully, he’s gone, in a trade to Arizona for a late-round draft pick (imagine that happening six years ago). And both parties are better for it.

(You can discuss this on the BSL Board here.)

The Saints have their backfield tandem in Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, while the Cardinals have someone who can hopefully tread water for the running game until David Johnson (hopefully) gets back later this season.

But still, it’s kind of depressing, no? Like Joe Namath in a Rams uniform or Patrick Ewing playing for the Orlando Magic.

Anyway, let’s see how the league is shaping up heading into Week 6.


1) Chiefs: Can we sit here and say Kansas City is unequivocally the best team in the league? It’s still too premature for that, but they keep knocking opponents down and there’s no reason to believe they won’t take down the Steelers this week. They’ll stay here until they lose.

2) Panthers: I had the Bills in this spot last week. I’ll judge myself until the end of time for that. Carolina is much better-suited to be No. 2, but it has a challenging matchup against Philly on Thursday night.

3) Eagles: This is a solid bunch. And they have the Panthers in their sights and will definitely pass them if they take care of business on the road.

4) Packers: They’re 4-1 and have been battered with injuries. And they still managed to wipe out of 15-point lead to beat the swooning Cowboys. What happens when Green Bay gets healthy?

5) Falcons: I almost forgot about this bunch. That’s what a bye week does. However, they should be able to stomp the Dolphins at home on Sunday.

6) Broncos: Might as well put the other solid bye week team in this spot. And they get to return from vacation with a cupcake (winless Giants) waiting on their desks.

7) Seahawks: What a performance in Los Angeles (even though the Rams gifted them that win). This squad is experienced, the offense is looking better and after their bye week, they get the Giants on the road.

8) Patriots: This team deserves a sincere apology for being left out of the rankings last week. That was foolish. Won’t happen again.

9) Lions: They lost a tight one to the Panthers at home, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they do over their next three games vs. the Saints, Steelers and Packers.

10) Rams: Their unforced errors cost them a chance to claim a firm hold on first place in the NFC West. But the good news is they have winnable games coming up against the Jaguars, Cardinals and Giants.


Tom Brady: Really? He’s hurt? You mean getting hit constantly thanks to a shaky offensive line might lead to health consequences at 40 years of age? Thankfully, the sprained AC joint is in his non-throwing shoulder, but still. New England needs to get its protection together.

Sam Bradford knee update: It hasn’t fallen off yet, but who knows if this will ever get better. My prediction is no.

National anthem mess: Nothing has changed? Cool, moving on. Wake me up when somebody makes a decision.

Harvey Weinstein: I know, he has nothing to do with the NFL (that we know of). But I just wanted to say that judging by his looks, are you surprised he did all those disgusting things? He’s straight out of central casting for Hollywood dirtbag.

Chargers: Hey! They won a game!

Deshaun Watson: Once again, it’s really exciting to see how fast he’s developing. There will be a regression at some point, but right now, it’s just fun.

Myles Garrett: The No. 1 overall draft pick got two sacks in his NFL debut last week. The Browns are still awful, but at least there’s something positive going on in Cleveland.

Offensive-line coaches: Man, who knew assistant coaches could be so compelling? Chris Foerster lost his job with the Miami Dolphins after he filmed himself doing blow before going to a team meeting. That’s all I have to say about that.


Eagles at Panthers: This will be a fun one. I’m picking the Panthers here, but I’m not happy about it because I usually avoid picking Thursday night games.

Packers at Vikings: Case Keenum isn’t great, but he’ll get you some wins while your primary quarterback is out. With Green Bay coming to town, Keenum has a big chance to beat a division rival. He won’t do it, but this game will be closer than you think.

Patriots at Jets: Don’t laugh, this game could be close. The Jets defense isn’t terrible and if they can get to Tom Brady often enough, who knows? New England will win, but this will be worth a watch.

Rams at Jaguars: This will be the sneaky entertaining game of this week. And I’m going with the homer pick and taking the Rams to win a close one.

Steelers at Chiefs: Revenge for that playoff loss won’t be that sweet, but it’s something. Give me Kansas City here.

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Written by Sid Saraf
4 months ago
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Sid Saraf

Currently a Mobile Editor at Yahoo, Saraf spent 5.5 years (Oct. 2010 - Feb. 2016) working for FOX Sports as an NFL Editor and Writer. Prior to that, Saraf worked for CBS Interactive for 4.5 years (May 2006 - Oct. 2010) as a Staff Editor.


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