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Should The Orioles Bring Back Chris Tillman?

In a recent interview, Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter was preaching patience at the slow pace of the offseason. He said he understood the anxiousness of fans wanting to know exactly who would be on the team this upcoming season, but he stressed that it was more important to take your time and make the… Read More

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Adam Jones’ Hypothetical Trade Value

Adam Jones and Andrew McCutchen are essentially the same player at this stage of their careers.Each contributed 2.5 bWAR last season as their team’s primary center fielder, Jones with the Orioles and McCutchen with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Jones is 32, one year older than McCutchen, while both are right-handed hitters and five-time All-Stars eligible for… Read More

Written by John Perrotto
4 days ago
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NFL Championship Game Previews

Anyone else want to call shenanigans?So, Tom Brady has a mysterious injury on his throwing hand. I see. I see. Yeah, I’m not buying it. Something is afoot and I’m on the precipice of shouting “J’accuse!” at the entire New England area. According to the story, somebody ran into Tommy Boy on the practice field… Read More

Allied Remodeling of Central MD

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