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Orioles: Time To Rebuild

Anybody who has read my articles, listened to me on the radio, or read my message board posts over the years knows that I have never been a big fan of how the Baltimore Orioles run their organization. As a former employee (15ish years ago), I saw first hand just how screwed up things were,… Read More

Written by Rob Shields
6 days ago
Baltimore Orioles,
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Baltimore Orioles Discussion With BSL’s Bob Harkins, John Perrotto, & Brandon Warne

To discuss the forthcoming Winter Meetings, and the rest of the off-season; here is a Q&A with the BSL Orioles Analysts.  Our thanks to Bob Harkins, John Perrotto , and Brandon Warne for their insight.Please note that the questions were asked before the Othani and Stanton deals were completed.(You can discuss this on the BSL… Read More

Written by Rob Shields
7 days ago
Baltimore Orioles,
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Some thoughts on Rafael Palmeiro making a comeback

Legend has it that a reporter once asked Lefty O’Doul what he thought Ty Cobb would hit if he were playing at that time.“Oh, about .320,” O’Doul was said to have replied.Asked why only .320, O’Doul said: “Well, you have to remember the man is almost 70.”The story is illustrative of the self-confidence of former… Read More

Allied Remodeling of Central MD

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