Terps fall @FSU; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Unable to avenge a home loss to the Seminoles, the University of Maryland are leaving Tallahassee with a 73-71 loss to Florida State. With the loss, the Terps fall to 15-6 overall, and 3-5 in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

MD had a 1 point lead with 9 seconds left. After a scramble, FSU’s Michael Snear hit a 3 with 1 second left for the win.

The Good:

1) Wells got MD on the board, with 3 points the old fashioned way. At around the 12 minute mark of the 1st half, Wells did a good job of drawing contact and getting to the line. Late in the 1st half, Wells had a jumper from the side of the lane, hanging in the air. This tied the game at 29. A fall-away jumper from Wells put MD up 36-34 in the 1st minute of the 2nd half. A minute later, he did it again, using his strength to get a shot off. A 3rd 2nd half jumper from Wells put MD back up 40-39. Clearing out space, Wells created his shot, rising for a short jumper to give MD a 66-62 lead with 3:30 left. After FSU erased MD’s 8 point lead, Wells hit 3 with 1:54 left, to give MD the 69-66 lead. Another big 3 from Wells again gave MD a 3 point lead at 71-68. He used the screen from Len, and knocked down his shot.

2) Layman had a nice early rebound, and a spot up 3 off an open look. Layman’s 2nd 3 pointer, made it 15-11 MD. Driving from the right wing, Layman got the rim uncontested, and put MD up 56-50. After the ball was stolen from Aronhalt the next time down, and Layman got back defensively to disrupt the FSU lay-up attempt.

3) Nice job from Padgett backing down his defender, ans scoring off a spin move. This put MD up 8-7. After a Layman missed 3, Padgett’s follow extended MD’s lead to 3. Trailing 32-29, with 1 minute+ left in the 1st half, Padgett got to the line and knocked down his shots.

4) Great entry pass from Aronhalt to Mitchell for an easy basket.  Fouled with 38 seconds left in the 1st half, Aronhalt made each of 3 FT attempts to put MD up 34-32. Good short jumper in the lane from Aronhalt, to give MD a 42-41 lead. MD took a 4 point lead with 12 minutes left, on Aronhalt’s first made 3. Coming out of a TV timeout, Aronhalt missed a 9 foot jumper, and an open 3. MD was able to get a couple of offensive boards, and Aronhalt a third look from 3. This time Aronhalt knocked the shot down, and MD took a 54-48 lead with 11:30 left.

5) Using the strong entry pass from Aronhalt, Mitchell’s dunk put the Terps up 12-9. Cutting to the rim, Mitchell’s teammates found him inside again. Mitchell’s 2nd basket made it 17-13 Terps. Mitchell grabbed a blocked Aronhalt 3, and finished to put the Terps back up 25-24. Mitchell scored his first basket of the 2nd half, off a good look from Faust. Leading 62-60 with 4:15 left, Mitchell came up with a miss from Wells and got to the line, and hit both of his shots.

6) Cleare was able to get contact, and go to the line at around the 11 minute mark of the 1st half. Cleare did good work on the boards in his minutes tonight.

7) Allen put MD up 21-15, driving down the lane, and finishing on his layup. He picked up an assist on a nice look to Faust inside.

8) Faust’s first basket, put MD up 23-15. With 13:35 left in the 2nd half, Faust hit a 3 while being fouled. Knocking down his foul shot, MD took a 46-45 lead. Faust did a good job of driving, and finding Mitchell for a basket. Easy basket for Faust inside, putting MD up 58-52. Great play from Faust with 5 minutes left. MD needed a basket, and Faust drove hard to the basket, picking up the foul.

9) Maryland dominated on the boards in the 1st half, holding a 19-8 edge on FSU.  The Terps maintained that superiority in the 2nd half.

10) The Terps got the line 12 times in the 1st half, knocking down 10 of their attempts.

11) Len’s first basket came on a follow-tip with 7:30 left in the game. Coming out of a timeout, Len pushed MD’s lead to 8 off a lob pass from Wells.

The Bad:

1) Maryland attempted to go inside to Len on the first play of the game, but Allen turned it over. At 23-18, Allen missed an open 3 from the top of the key. The next time down the court, he threw up another brick. With 2 minutes left in the 1st half, Allen took a 3 in transition, and missed again. This was an example of poor decision making. Leading 38-36, Allen badly missed his 4th 3 point attempt of the game. This led to a FSU fast-break.

2) On Maryland’s 2nd offensive possession, Cleare had his shot blocked.

3) Wells turned it over on the Terps 3rd possession, with a poor pass attempt to Len. With under 7 minutes left, Wells turned it over to Ojo, who finished on the other end.  With MD up 25-24, Wells gave away the ball again. The Terps were up 62-58, with under 6 minutes left when they called timeout. Coming out of the timeout, Wells turned it over with a poor entry pass to Mitchell.

4) At 6-4 MD, the Terps turned it over again, this time on a moving screen from Mitchell.

5) Faust’s first shot attempt was an ill-advised 3 pointer coming off a screen. After doing a great job getting to the line with 5 minutes left, Faust missed both of his foul shots. The pushing foul on Faust, allowed FSU to go to the line for 2 shots, with no time off the clock in the last 2 minutes of the game. With MD up 71-68 and a little over a minute left, Faust missed the front-end of a 1&1.

6) Poor possession for Len, with MD up 21-15. Len had a lazy pass which was also most picked off. With the ball back to Len, he was unaware of the shot-clock as time ticked down. Len had a shot-blocked, and picked up his 3rd foul a minute into the 2nd half. I hated the long-jumper attempt from Len with MD leading 58-54. You want Len to be aggressive and seek his shot, but that looked like a desperate attempt to get a shot off. At 62-56 MD, Len had a lazy hand-off to Wells, giving the ball back to FSU. Len was unable to finish the lob dunk with 14 seconds left.

7) MD was leading 23-20, when Layman turned it over with a poor pass to Len.

8) Coming out of a FSU timeout with 1:48 left in the 1st, MD allowed another 3 from Ian Miller.

9) The 2nd half started with Len, and Cleare both getting blocked.

10) At 56-50 MD, Aronhalt gave the ball away with too much dribbling.

11) After making 3 early jumpers in the 2nd half, Wells went a long-time without another shot attempt.

12) MD did not do as good a a job as they did in the 1st half, of getting to the foul line.

13) The Terps had connected on a lob dunk to Len earlier in the 2nd half, but I think with a 1 point lead and 30 seconds left (coming out of a timeout), you have to run a better possession. With as hot as Wells was, he needed the ball.

The Ugly:

1) The Terps had taken a 23-16 with 8:28 left in the 1st half. They would be held scoreless until the 5:10 mark, with FSU grabbing the 24-23 lead.

2) At half-time, Len was 0 for 1 from the floor, with 4 boards. He had more turnovers (2) than shot attempts. Mitchell was 3 for 3. Padgett was 2 for 2. They were finding ways to score inside, why couldn’t Len find shot attempts? Len finished with 6 shot attempts, and was pretty much a non-factor on either end tonight.

3) The Terps had 11 turnovers in the 1st half. Eleven turnovers, and eleven FG’s made. Just too many wasted possessions. Maryland finished the game with 16 turnovers, with Wells 6 leading the way.

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