Terps lose at Chapel Hill; The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The University of Maryland fell to 14-4 overall, and 2-3 in the Atlantic Coast Conference with a 62-52 loss at North Carolina.

The Terps played better and harder in the 2nd half, and even got within striking distance of the Tar Heels. I respect that Maryland continued to battle. Ultimately though, they were were not able to overcome a horrible 1st half, where they carelessly turned the ball over often; and were unable to make shots when they did manage to hold on to the ball.

The Good:

1) After 5 turnovers in 6 trips down the floor starting the game, MD found Len in the post. With a patient move, Len was able to score through a double-team. A jumper from Len on the baseline made it 17-7 UNC. Len went up strong early in the 2nd, and got to the line. Two foul shots made it 44-26 UNC.  A dunk off an in-bounds, made it 51-39 UNC. Len followed a miss from Allen to make it 55-41. Good hustle on a loose ball, with MD down 12.

2) At the 16:20 mark, Coach Turgeon subbed in an entirely new starting 5. Having to do that was not ‘good’, but I liked the message.

3) Padgett followed a Layman air ball for MD’s 2nd basket.

4) Down 19-7, Cleare came up with a strong offensive board on a miss from Len. Nice follow from Cleare off a miss from Aronhalt.

5) Wells got a basket in transition with 11 minutes left in the 1st. Off the dribble, Wells scored again to make it 24-11 UNC. A 3rd basket for Wells made it 26-13. Was good seeing him attack the basket with success. Wells got MD back within 13 with a 4th layup at the 3 minute mark. Three times in the opening minutes of the 2nd half, Wells got into the lane. At 50-33 UNC, Wells again took to UNC, and got to the line. Driving and scoring the next time down, MD got within 13 at 50-37. Wells got MD within 11, with 4 minutes left, crashing the glass with a follow. Wells had the type of offensive game, which MD needs from him consistently. 21 points, 5 boards for Wells.

6) Mitchell scored on after securing an offensive board, and going up for the follow on a miss from Allen. The next time down, he followed a miss from Faust. Nice rebound from Mitchell with a little over 11 minutes left. Good follow with 5 minutes left. Mitchell had 9 points, and 11 boards off the bench.

7) Down 31-17, Faust passed up a 3, and attacked in the middle of the lane. He was fouled, and got to the line. A minute later, Faust did what he could to deliver a good look to Len. Faust hit MD’s first 3 early in the 2nd. With full-court pressure, Faust had a steal with 16 minutes left in the 2nd.

8) A steal and layup from Allen made it 44-28 UNC. Another steal and layup made it a 12 point game. Allen did have 6 boards and 3 steals.

The Bad:

1) UNC started the game with an offensive rebound, and a 3 on their 2nd shot.

2) Cleare was blocked on MD’s first shot attempt. With UNC leading 21-7, MD had an inbounds after a timeout. Cleare picked up an offensive foul away from the ball. With about 10 minutes left int he 1st, Cleare picked up his 3rd foul. His 4th came with 12 minutes left in the 2nd half.

3) With 18:34 left in the 1st half, MD was quickly down 8-0. That included a 2nd 3 pointer from Bullock, with MD losing him in transition.

4) After a timeout, MD went to Len on the baseline. Len would have the ball stripped from him. Down 33-18, Faust found Len for a good look inside, but Len was not able to finish.

5) Attacking the rim, Faust was called for a charge, giving MD their 4th turnover 2 minutes into the game. Down 14 (55-41), Faust picked up another charge.

6) An Allen turnover, led to MD’s 5th turnover in 6 possessions. At 36-20, Allen missed an open 3. With 40 seconds left in the 1st, he missed a wide-open layup. In the 1st half, Allen was 0 for 5 from the floor, 0 for 3 from 3. With 16 minutes left in the 2nd, Faust had a steal, giving Allen an open look from 3 which was missed. Allen was 2 for 11 from the floor.

7) Layman air balled his 3 ball attempt. The next time down the floor, he hesitated on an open 3. Down 28-13, Layman lost the ball, and had a foul in frustration in response. Attacking the rim, Layman air-balled a jumper from about 7 feet with 3:30 left. Layman  was unable to come up with a pass with 12 minutes left in the 2nd. It was a rough game for Layman on both ends of the floor.

8) Down 11-4, Padgett had his shot blocked, leading to a UNC fast-break. Strickland would score, and get fouled on the play (Howard). Padgett was a complete non-factor in this game, and that was with Cleare being glued to bench at times in foul trouble.

9) At the 12:15 mark of the 1st half, Wells had a bad turnover. At the 9:40 mark, Wells has his 2nd turnover, and MD’s 10th. With 2:10 in the 1st, Wells fouled Bullock on a 3 point attempt. Bullock would make each of his FT attempts. Down 11 with the ball, Wells turned it over on the baseline.

10) Aronhalt had MD’s 2nd air-balled 3 attempt of the 1st half, with his shot at the 8 minute mark. He missed another open looked with 9:30 left in the 2nd half.

11) MD was 0 for 7 from 3 point land in the 1st half. 1 for 12 for the game.

12) Down 46-31, Mitchell was unable to box out McAdoo. That was followed by a wild shot on the other end. With MD down 12 with 7 minutes left, Mitchell attacked the rim, but was stuffed by Brice Johnson. That was pretty deflating.

13) Len’s dunk made it 51-39 UNC with 11 minutes left. MD did not get back, and UNC had a dunk of their own. That was followed by another MD turnover. By the 9 minute mark, the Tar Heels were back up 16, prompting a Terps Timeout.

The Ugly:

1) With 10:45 left in the 1st, Bullock hit his third 3, giving him 15 early points. It was a wide open look off a screen. With him being as hot as he was, the adjustments did not come quick enough. Bullock outscored MD in the 1st half 21-20.

2) In the 1st half, Maryland 15 turnovers, and 9 made baskets.

2a) With UNC leading 19-7 Howard came up with a steal, but then gave it away on the other end. Down 29-13, Howard had a ridiculous turnover at the top of the key. He had another one, leading to another UNC basket as the 1st half ran out. In the 1st half, Howard had 5 turnovers, and 0 assists off the bench. Just an unacceptable performance. For the game, Howard had 7 turnovers.

3) UNC led 42-20 at the half, making 48% of their shots, including 4 of 7 attempts from 3.

4) Somebody – ok me – predicted that even though MD had scored just 62, 47, and 51 points in their last 3 games; would score 70 points today. I based that on UNC’s FG% defense, and Roy Williams’ offense, which typically allows opposing teams to get some relatively easy looks in transition. Nice prediction.

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