Project 2014: The Two-Deep


Project 2014 is a new and exciting addition to Baltimore Sports and Life this year. The goal of this project is to preview the Maryland Terrapins football team’s first season in the Big Ten Conference. Over the course of the next year, Project 2014 will be updated with a projected two-deep depth chart, roster, news, and recruiting information.

Below you will find the projected two-deep depth chart for the Terps’ football team in 2014. I have provided links to my “Meet the Recruit” series for players that I have profiled. Naturally, this is one man’s opinion on the subject. There will be many differing opinions when it comes to quarterbacks, wide receivers, etc. This will make for very interesting and informative message board conversations.

Note: The offense has an extra WR position listed since Mike Locksley uses 3 receivers a lot, and the Terps’ official depth chart lists 3 receiver positions.


QB – 1. C.J. Brown, 2. Caleb Rowe
RB – 1. Brandon Ross, 2. Albert Reid OR Wes Brown
FB – 1. Kenneth Goins, Jr., 2. Tyler Cierski
WR-Z – 1. Stefon Diggs, 2. Levern Jacobs
WR-X – 1. Deon Long, 2. Amba Etta-Tawo
WR-Y – 1. Marcus Leak, 2. Taivon Jacobs
TE – 1. P.J. Gallo OR Andrew Isaacs
LT – 1. Ryan Doyle, 2. Jake Wheeler
LG – 1. Evan Mulrooney OR Silvano Altamirano
C – 1. Sal Conaboy, 2. Stephen Grommer
RG – 1. Andrew Zeller, 2. JaJuan Dulaney
RT – 1. Derwin Gray, 2. Michael Dunn


SDE – 1. Andre Monroe, 2. Roman Braglio
NT – 1. Darius Kilgo, 2. Keith Bowers
WDE – 1. Quinton Jefferson, 2. Malik Jones
SLB – 1. Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil, 2. Yannick Ngakoue
ILB – 1. Cole Farrand, 2. Jermaine Carter, Jr.
ILB – 1. L.A. Goree, 2. Jalen Brooks
WLB – 1. Matt Robinson, 2. Alex Twine
CB – 1. William Likely, 2. Jeremiah Johnson
CB – 1. Alvin Hill, 2. Jarrett Ross
FS – 1. Anthony Nixon, 2. Zach Dancel
SS – 1. Sean Davis, 2. A.J. Hendy

Special Teams:

K – 1. Brad Craddock, 2. Adam Greene
P – 1. Nathan Renfro, 2. Michael Tart
LS – 1. Christian Carpenter, 2. Nate Adams
H – 1. Michael Tart, 2. Nathan Renfro
KR – 1. Stefon Diggs OR William Likely
PR – 1. Stefon Diggs OR William Likely

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About the author

Zack Kiesel   

Terps Analyst

Zack is a full-time college student working towards a career in law and politics. The Owings Mills native focuses most of his efforts on football recruiting and individual coach and player pieces. He has previously written Terps game recaps for ACCSportsNation.

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