Terps lose to BC as time expires; What did we see?

The University of Maryland lost their final Atlantic Coast Conference home game ever, with Boston College kicking a FG as time expired for the 29-26 win.

The Terps fall to 6-5 on the year (2-5 in ACC play). Maryland will end their regular season at NCST next week.

What did we see?

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1) It was an entertaining game overall, but most importantly it was a game of missed opportunities for the Terrapins. MD had an 11 point lead in the 4th Quarter, but could not hold on for their 7th win. It was talked about all week, you knew the focus going into the game was slowing down BC’s Andre Williams. Williams has had a fantastic year, piling up yards on everyone – and you tip the cap to him for his effort today (263 yards) – but it is still difficult to have effectively lost due to the play of one person.

2) Williams and Boston College rolled down the field to star the game. Maryland came up with a goal-line stop, with Alex Twine forcing a FG attempt with his 3rd down tackle.

3) The Terrapins defense came up with a 3 and out on BC’s 2nd series, and allowed their offense to take over in good position (at the MD 48). Brown connected on passes to Etta-Tawo, and King; putting MD in position to tie the game at 3 on a 43 yard Craddock FG.

4) Whitfield came up with a fumble recovery, giving MD the ball back at BC 1 yard line. Albert Reid immediately went over the top, and the Terps took the 10-3 lead with 1:49 left in the 1st Quarter.

5) Early in the 2nd Quarter, MD was forced to punt. Renfro’s attempt was blocked, setting up 1st and Goal for the Eagles. Williams would find the end zone on 1st down, tying the game at 10.

6) After BC had tied the game at 10, the Terps answered with a good-looking drive. Unfortunately for MD, no points would come from the series. The drive started with Brown beating the BC blitz multiple times, finding his hot receiver on quick slants. King had a couple of 1st downs on such slants, and Jacobs also had one. On the ground, the offensive-line had a good push, and Ross ran through the open hole for a 1st. A phantom call on King took a TD off the board, and backed MD up. On 3rd and 18, it first appeared that Brown  had found a receiver at the BC Goal-line; but that would also become a penalty as Brown had crossed the line-of-scrimmage on the throw.

7) Nice interception from Sean Davis in the 2nd Quarter, but he missed an opportunity for additional return yards when he fell to his feet to make the catch.

8) MD’s Special Teams rebounded from the BC blocked-punt for a nice play later in the 2nd Quarter. Renfro had a nice punt, and MD was able to down the ball at the BC 2 yard line. A 3 and out from the MD defense, allowed the Terps to take over on offense in BC territory after the Eagles punt. However, MD’s offense would punt right back to the Eagles.

9) Maryland came out to start the 2nd half, and marched 70 yards for the score. The drive started with Brown and King connecting for 8 yards, followed by Ross gaining 19 on the ground. On 4th and 1 from the BC 33; Ross got just enough for the 1st. On 2nd down, Brown delivered a pretty pass to Etta-Tawo fro the score. This put MD up 17-10.

10) Boston College had 1st and Goal late in the 3rd Quarter. For the second time in the game, MD came up with a nice goal-line stand to force a FG. This reduced MD’s lead to 4 (17-13).

11) The Terps gained a break in the 4th Quarter, when BC fumbled a MD punt. The Terps recovered, and took over the Eagles 34.  On the subsequent drive, Brown used the read option to set-up 1st and Goal. On 3rd and Goal, Brown scored with the QB keeper. MD took the 24-13 lead.

12) With the 11 point lead, BC needed two scores (plus a 2 pt conversion) in the last 11 minutes to tie the game. It was extremely disappointing to see Williams go 72 yards off-tackle on 1st down for the a TD. You didn’t make BC grind out a score, eating time off the clock – you immediately gave back the points you just put on the board. The only ‘positive’ here was that BC was penalized on their 2 point conversion attempt, and forced to kick the xp. MD lad 24-20 with 10:30 left.

13) Pretty important KR from Likely after BC’s 4th Quarter TD. Taking the ball to midfield changed field position, and gave the Terps another opportunity to extend their lead.

14) Following the Likely KR, MD went for it on 4th down for the 2nd time in the half. Steinbaugh’s grab set up 1st and 10 from the BC 11 with 8:17 left. Any points there for MD would have been significant, but the Terps (Veii) would fumble away the chance to extend the lead.

15) What a crazy scenario after the Veii fumble. Boston College would score on a 74 TD pass to Alex Amidon, with MD’s Secondary no where to be found. However, on the xp, MD would come up with the block – and Anthony Nixon would return the ball for a 2 point score of their own to tie the game at 26 with 5:02 left.

16) Horrible 3rd down conversion % for MD’s offense today.

17) After MD did nothing on their last offensive series, BC took over with 2 mts left. A 37 yard run from Williams (on 3rd and 4) moved the Eagles to the MD 37. As the game was expiring, BC’s Freese was attempting the winning FG. MD’s Coach Edsall just prior to the kick going wide left, giving Freese a 2nd attempt. Freese would make this kick, giving Boston College the 29-26 win.

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