The 5 run top of the 8th for the Oakland A’s last-night bothered me too much to write about it right away. I thought I would sleep on it, and write about it this morning.

Well it is now morning, and I am still disgusted. During a season, there are going to be games that a team wins that they have no business winning , and lose games they have no business losing. Usually, this has a way of evening out over the course of 162 games. It is not even right now. By my count the O’s have won 1 game with an improbable rally, and have lost at-least 5 games they had no business losing.

There can be nothing more demoralizing for a struggling team, than finding a way to lose games they had won. Last night games falls fully on the shoulders of Trembley and MacPhail.

It falls on Trembley because Bergesen never should have started the 8th. It falls on Trembley because there was no reason to have taken out Berken. Oakland was bringing up the lefties Barton, and Sweeney. Even if you just want to play situational ball there, Berken is holding lefties to a .194 batting average, with just 7 hits allowed in 11 innings of work.

What was the need to bring in Hendrickson there? Just because he left-handed? Lefties are hitting .342 against Hendrickson with 13 hits allowed in 9.2 innings.

To Hendrickson’s credit, he did get the grounder to SS that should have ended the inning. He still never should have been in the game though.

Obviously Meredith was brought in the game because the O’s wanted a grounder. Still, Meredith is not getting sink on his pitches. His 4th homer allowed this past Sunday further illustrated that. He came into the game, left his mediocre stuff up in the zone and was immediately crushed for a 3 run double.

I put that one on MacPhail. Coming into this series vs. the Athletics, neither Hendrickson or Meredith should have been on the roster to be used.

By the way, why was Hernandez not an option last-night for an inning or less? He started on the 21st, clearly his arm (unless he was again experiencing shoulder soreness) was ready to go. The situation was calling for a strike-out, and his power arm represented the best potential option.

Even if the O’s had won each of the games they should have won, you are probably looking at a record of 20-28. Still poor, but withing striking distance of .500 with a good run. The failure to close out these games is further killing their season. The roster management and in-game management is costing the O’s games.

Chris Stoner
Chris Stoner


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