Zach, Nick, and myself welcome Dr. Stephen Loftus back to the show to break down the Orioles first round pick in the 2021 MLB draft, Colton Cowser. What does it mean that the Orioles went underslot for the second year in a row? We answer that plus talk about what Cowser brings to the table himself, how Mike Elias and the Orioles can use the money saved in their next few picks, and take a bunch of listener questions.

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Bob Phelan
Bob Phelan

BSL Analyst

Bob is a co-host of the ‘On the Verge’ an Orioles podcast focused on the O’s farm system here on BSL. He used to run the baseball blog ‘The Oriole Report’ before transitioning to podcasting about movies, TV, Video Games, and MMA. ‘The Redbox Report’ movie podcast was started in 2013 followed by ‘The Redbelt Report’ MMA podcast in 2016. Bob has also written for and and delivers mail for a living in Baltimore County. Follow him on Twitter @TheOrioleReport.