Zach, Nick, and Bob welcome back friend of the show Vivek Shukla to participate in the podcast’s first ever mock draft. They make picks for the first 15 overall selections including the Orioles at 1-1 and then focus on the Orioles picks at 33, 42, 67, and 81. After that fun exercise they talk about the success that the Aberdeen Ironbirds have had in high A including a no-hitter this past week.

2022 OTV Mock Draft Consensus Results:

1-1: Baltimore – Jackson Holliday, SS
1-2: Arizona – Druw Jones, OF
1-3: Texas – Kevin Parada, C
1-4: Pittsburgh – Brooks Lee, SS
1-5: Washington – Termarr Johnson, SS
1-6: Miami – Elijah Green, OF
1-7: Chicago (NL) – Cam Collier, 3B
1-8: Minnesota – Gavin Cross, OF
1-9: Kansas City – Brock Porter, RHP
1-10: Colorado – Jacob Berry, 3B
1-11: New York (NL) – Jace Jung, SS
1-12: Detroit – Zach Neto, SS
1-13: Los Angeles (AL) – Kumar Rocker, RHP
1-14: New York (NL) – Chase DeLauter, OF
1-15: San Diego – Cole Young, SS

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Bob Phelan
Bob Phelan

BSL Analyst

Bob is a co-host of ‘On the Verge’ an Orioles podcast focused on the O’s farm system here on BSL. He used to run the baseball blog ‘The Oriole Report’ before transitioning to podcasting about movies, TV, Video Games, and MMA. ‘The Redbox Report’ movie podcast was started in 2013 followed by ‘The Redbelt Report’ MMA podcast in 2016. Bob has also written for and and delivers mail for a living in Baltimore County. Follow him on Twitter @TheOrioleReport.