On this episode of The Warehouse, Bob Harkins, Matt Kory, and myself talk about baseball being back.

In the last episode, we talked some about the universal DH, briefly mentioned the expanded rosters, and geographical play.  Here we also talked about the extra inning rule, how do we feel there?

This season is going to look differently vs anything we’ve seen. The three of us might be traditional fans, but there is novelty… embrace the weird?

There was an ESPN article on how wild a 60 game season might look…  our takeaways there.

In a 162 game season, if the O’s were projected to win 60 games… that’s a .370 clip.   .370 ball over 60 games is 22 wins. Is that the appropriate over / under? As mentioned last week, Miami and the Orioles are the only two ‘bad’ teams in the two East divisions.

Baseball has not maximized their revenue this year. One way for baseball to recoup some of the lost revenue this year, would be expansion. We discuss expansion and realignment.

Listen to the show here, and discuss the show here.

Chris Stoner
Chris Stoner


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