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EPL and the Rest of Europe Mid Season Report Card

You know the old line about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well here it is in spades. Pep Guardiola has won the EPL Manager of the Month award four straight times. Making history being the first time in history for a manager to win the award four straight times.  The European soccer season… Read More

Written by Steve Birrer
1 week ago
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UEFA Champions League – What happened in the Group State?

The Group Stage of the 2017-2018 UEFA Champions League has finished. And there were certainly some surpises but none bigger than FC  Basel 1993 qualifying for the knockout stages. Back in September the preview article spelled out the expected results for the Group Stages. The key here being expected. Like all sports they don't play… Read More

Written by Steve Birrer
1 month ago
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MLS Playoffs – Conference Finals

Heading into the Conference Finals the question has to be will we see more of this? More Clint Dempsey finding the back of the net that is.  Back several weeks ago the preview of the Conference Semi-Finals was dished out. And those matches turned out mostly as predicted with one big exception.  The on paper… Read More

Written by Steve Birrer
2 months ago
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Allied Remodeling of Central MD

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